We want to encourage anyone who is not baptized to enter into a discussion with the priest about Baptism.

Baptism is an ancient ceremony that offers an opportunity to bond with God in a new way. It follows the traditions of making a covenant/a promise (between God and you) as Abraham and Isaac did. It offers the opportunity to promise that you will, with God’s help, walk away from all that is evil and walk towards what is good. That you will follow the path of goodness all your days. When you realize when the path you have taken is wrong, you will walk in a new direction. Our belief is that God sends his Holy Spirit to guide you through the difficult decisions you make as you attempt to live out these vows in our complex world.

Baptism gives you the opportunity to ask questions, to learn, and to experience what a relationship is with God.

The Episcopal Church baptizes babies and adults. We believe no matter when these promises/ vows are made, you will spend the rest of your life learning what they mean as your experiences grow.  If you feel interested in exploring this service of faith, please talk with Rev. Sharon 443-506-4666 or leave a message at

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