We celebrate every Sunday with Communion. There are several names for this service:

  • Holy Communion- a time to spend with the essence of Jesus
  • the Eucharist- a time of “thanksgiving” (the Greek translation of Eucharist)
  • the Lord’s Supper- a time where Jesus feeds us
  • the Mass- the Latin word for going into the world with the love and support we gather from this meal

Whatever its formal name, this is the family meal for Christians and it gives us a taste of what heaven is like. Christians prepare to be close to God by looking at our lives, saying we are sorry for what we have done wrong, to say we are sorry for when we failed to take action to help, and to allow love to fill our hearts as we come forward to be a part of this meal.

We welcome all to the communion rail.

If you put out your hands, you will be given the bread and wine.





If you cross your hands and arms over your chest, you will receive a blessing.

If you do not want to receive a blessing in the name of the full Christian understanding of God, called the trinity, ask for a blessing from God and one will be provided. We believe this is a time to be close to the essence of Jesus (for Christians) and will help you be present to the essence of God, if you are a non Christian or of another faith, through the blessing.

Christians believe that the way you come to Communion is through your Baptismal vows of living a life dedicated to God’ Goodness. If you are interested in entering into a discussion about Baptism or Communion, please feel free to approach Rev. Sharon, e-mail or call

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