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Why Read the Bible?

The Bible has great stories. Walking through life with these Biblical characters allows you to become the person you were created to be. We believe that these stories are about a truth that transcends time.

Many of these characters are imperfect, but working to become a better people. We connect with them in powerful ways as our lives collect new experiences.



·        Do you move through a dinner party as Martha organizing and executing with great speed?

·        Do you argue with God like Moses- why did you pick me for this job?

·        Do you spurt out some really wonderful things like Peter and then turn around and put your foot in your mouth in the next few moments?

·        Do you search for Jesus like his mother, Mary, did when she found him in the temple?

The scenery and technology may change, but the way we experience life is timeless.

What is the Bible?

The Bible is called the Word of God because we believe that God inspired the authors to write stories that reveals God’s ways to us.

The Bible is a Library: Here is a video about the development of the Bible we use today.


Why read the bible? There are several ways to read the Bible and here is Presiding Bishop Michael Curry talking about taking the Bible Challenge.


Ways to read the Bible- (this also talks about why you can read the bible). In this video a Roman Catholic Priest describes his encounter of the Bible and how that has changed during his lifetime.

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