Holy Women, Holy Men

The Episcopal Church believes in a communion of saints, or people who through their life choices have demonstrated extraordinary actions and ideas as God’s people. Episcopalians remember the saints through prayer and liturgy. Some Episcopalians celebrate the saints through feast or fast days. Other Episcopalians aren’t as familiar or observant of the saints. Wherever you find yourself, we hope that learning about Christians who have faced hardships and challenges in centuries past will enrich your own spiritual journey .

One of our parishioners has written some wonderful articles on various holy women and holy men (saints) whose lives can offer us inspiration for being better people of God. We invite you to read and enjoy her work.








We will offer new articles every three months – so be sure to check back regularly!

If you want to read more about these people there are several sources:

A Great Cloud of Witnesses_ Church Publishing_ 9780898699661_ AmazonSmile_ Books

Love’s Redeeming Work_ The Anglican Quest for Holiness (2004-01-01)_ AmazonSmile_ Books


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