How do I join in worship?





At this point, if you find yourself in our worship space (sanctuary), you’ve already been greeted by an usher and you’ve received a worship bulletin.  Our worship bulletins contain everything you need to fully participate in the service.  The bulletin will tell you the hymns we will sing, when to stand, kneel, or sit, and the appropriate responses throughout the service.  Basically, our bulletins come with user guidelines (rubrics).  They are brief explanations to help the community flow through the liturgy in seamless unity.  You may follow along with the bulletin as a full participant from day one, or perhaps you may choose to simply acclimate yourself and observe during your first visit.  Engage within your comfort zone.  At any time before, during, or after the service, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Join us for fellowship after the worship service.  We would love to get know you over refreshments in the parish hall.

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