Old Testament

The Old Testament: Scripture invites us into a world of new ideas and truth.

This was the sacred text of the people of Israel. However these same stories are a part of our Christian foundation as Jesus taught from this text.

There are ideas presented in the Old Testament that we refer to today, such as:

  • A covenant to be an agreement between God and God’s people. The Old Testament tells the story of this agreement.
  • Anointing is the act of separating the profane from the sacred by putting oil on the person’s head. This act was done with kings, sacred leaders, and those today who are baptized.

The stories taught in the Old Testament grow with you as you read them over your lifetime. If you have not read them since your were young, reread them and see how they influence your life as an adult. Below are a few pictures and videos have been selected to give you a taste of the many stories found in the Old Testament.

  • God creating a beautiful world for us.





  • Joseph with his coat of many colors starts a story the ends with the people of God coming out of Egypt. A story that grounds all people of faith as a time in which God protected he people.

Ruth an Boaz became the ancestors of the line of Christ. Ruth is a story of how a foreign woman cares for her mother in law after the death of their husbands and creates a good life for Naomi in Israel.




The Old Testament is divided into several sections. This video will explain the basic structure of scripture.

The Old Testament Intro in 8 min. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmgDU20Q50U

Scripture has commentaries that give information about what you are reading: explaining the Hebrew, ancient culture and customs, words or phrases, or explaining characters. There are many commentaries on the market, but Virginia Theological Seminary have some free ones on the web that are written by professors who are experts in that portion of scripture created with Forward Movement Publications.


Some fun and silly videos  for the kid in all of us- easy ways to get good information:

The Pentateuch is the first 5 books of the Bible-

The are historical books in the Old Testament- here is a list in this video.

The historical Books-

Jesus says that he came to fulfill the Law (The first 5 books of the Bible) and the Prophets. Who are these prophets he is referring to? Elijah and Elisha are two of these prophets. Here are two videos about mysterious stories that surround these two men. But don’t stop with these two prophets… there are more….

Prophets (watch after the song…) Elijah and Elisha….

This is just an introduction to the Old Testament, as with everything else on the grow and engage section. you are invited to explore. Rev. Sharon would love to help you with your exploration.

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